AHB Kunst, Helmond, Astrid Huisman-Biemans

People are my passion

Bronze sculptures & art

Are you looking for bronzes and works of art? AHB Art works from her studio in Helmond. From this inspiring work environment provides visual artist Astrid Huisman-Biemans form of bronze statues and artwork. Typical of the work of Astrid Huisman-Biemans is that people always come first.

Bronzes and sculptures

Because of the dynamic key in her bronze works of art, you are drawn attention. By reducing the realistic appearance, you see the main lines and shapes, making the expressiveness of her bronze sculptures only be intensified. They are sculptures that give you guidance, also because they are vulnerable and are also powerful. Vulnerable, tenderly, looking, cocky, beloved portions, friendly, proud, and especially energetic.

Bronze sculptures and works of art made and commissioned

With great regularity artist Astrid Huisman-Biemans asked to make bronze statues, bronze sculptures and bronze commissioned artwork. These commands are both requested by individuals and also by companies.

Would you also like to make a bronze work of art or bronze sculpture commissioned? Please contact Astrid Huisman Biemans.

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