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People are my passion

Welcome at AHB Kunst

Astrid Huisman Biemans works daily in her studio, located in the Brabant Helmond, to shape her artwork. People are constantly in her work.

Modern Art

In the works of Astrid is contemporary times visibly, renewal, modern insights, future and optimism.

Bronzes & Sculptures

Because of the dynamic key in her bronze works of art, you are drawn attention. By reducing the realistic appearance, you see the main lines and shapes, making the expressiveness of her bronze sculptures only be intensified. They are sculptures that give you guidance, also because they are vulnerable and are also powerful. Vulnerable, tenderly, looking, cocky, beloved portions, friendly, proud, and especially energetic.

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The colorful paintings are produced in various techniques:

  • Oil paint
  • Acrylics
  • Mixed media
  • Sumi-e technique
  • Japanese ink

The buttons of the brushstrokes is the dynamics. In some regions and planes Astrid want to put the essence of the movement.

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ART on dibond

Art on dibond.  Mixed media on dibond.  Through the combination of techniques and materials on dibond these artworks are getting a unique look.  In these works of art Astrid's characteristic handwriting remains visible in the movement

Art on demand and commissioned art

Frequent Astrid Huisman-Biemans prompted Paintings and Bronze Statues / Sculptures make commissioned by both individuals and businesses.

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 "Humanity is my passion"

Astrid Huisman-Biemans


zaterdag 11 mei 2019 t/m zondag 19 mei 2019

Art Breda - Breepark, Breda

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